Association Officials

Scottish Amateur Flute Association

Founded 1920

Association Officials


The S.A.F.A Officials are listed below. Together, they form the executive committee who work hard at regular meetings and at national contests to keep everything in the Association moving.


Please note: for general enquiries, please contact the Secretary, via the Get in Touch page.


The first point of contact for those playing in member bands - regarding any S.A.F.A related issue is your Association Delegate.


Chairperson Graeme Campbell

Vice Chairperson John McLeish



Registration Secretary Sadie Houston




Honorary President

Mr Samuel Houston


At the S.A.F.A AGM in January 2013, Mr Samuel Houston (or Sam as he was known to most) was made Honorary President of the Association. Sam stepped down as S.A.F.A Secretary after many years of unwavering commitment and service and the Association thank him for his lifelong involvement.

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